On 2022-09-28, I attended the Fifteenth Sino German Seminar on Applied Higher Education [15. Deutsch-Chinesisches Symposium zur Anwendungsorientierten Hochschulausbildung] [第五届中德应用型高等教育研讨会暨] combined with the Second International Seminar on Cooperation in Dual Education in the Yangtze River Delta [2. Symposium zur Internationalen Zusammenarbeit der Dualen Ausbildung der Jangtze-Delta-Region] [第二届长三角双元制教育国际合作研讨会]. This event takes place every two years in our city Hefei (e.g., this year and 2020) and every other year in the German city Osnabrück. It is co-organized by Hefei University [合肥学院] and the University of Applied Sciences Osnabrück and presented as well as strongly supported by the Ministry of Education of the Chinese Province Anhui and the Ministry of Science and Culture of the German province Lower Saxony. It is always a pleasure to attend and full of exciting talks by high-level professionals in applied education, offering deep insights, inspirations, and great networking opportunities. Like in 2020, it was a hybrid event with both presence and online talks. This year, it was a two-day symposium, taking place in a beautiful lakeside location. The attendance was very high – both physically and online – with delegates from many universities, the industry, politics, as well as other education organizations.

Today, on September 26, 2022, I attended the National Day Tea Party for People from All Walks of Life [合肥市各界人士迎国庆茶话会] in the city hall of Hefei [合肥市]. Like every year, was a very nice event, attended by people with many different professions and ranks. There were religious representatives, minorities, foreign experts, business leaders, political representatives from different parties, people from many different fields ranging from elder care to car manufacturing, and so on. I am always looking forward to this event.

On June 10, 2022, Hefei University [合肥学院] and the Deutsches Hochschulkonsortium für Internationale Kooperationen (DHIK) [德国高校国际合作联合会] signed a framework cooperation contract [Kooperationsvereinbarung zwischen der Universität Hefei und dem Deutschen Hochschulkonsortium für Internationale Kooperation (DHIK)] [合肥学院和德国高校国际合作联合会合作协议].

The DHIK is a group of more than 30 universities in Germany and Switzerland with focus on internationalizing study programmes in Mathematics, Computer Science, Natural Sciences, and Technology. In China, the DHIK already cooperates with the Tongji University [同济大学] – and now also with our Hefei University. The main goal of the framework contract is to construct several joint curricula and double-degree programmes, which allow for the bi-directional exchange of students. In these programmes, German professors will teach classes in China and the Chinese students will get the chance to study for two semesters in Germany. Vice versa, German students will be able to study at our Hefei University as well.

Portrait of Dr. Pei XU.

The Institute of Applied Optimization warmly welcomes Dr. Pei XU [许培博士] as a new member of our team. Before joining our team, Dr. XU was a teaching assistant at Chuzhou University (CHZU) [滁州学院] from 2014 to 2017. He received his Ph.D. degree in computer science and technology from Anhui University (AHU) [安徽大学] last year. His research interests include Wireless Sensor Networks and the Internet of Things. This research nicely fits to the work on wireless sensor network routing already conducted in our institute.

We are very happy that Dr. XU joined our team. We are looking forward to working and conducting exciting research together.

Today, on September 29, 2021, I attended the National Day Tea Party for People from All Walks of Life [奋斗百年路 启航新征程 合肥市各界人士迎国庆茶话会] in the city hall of Hefei [合肥市]. It was a very enjoyable event, attended by – indeed – people from all walks of life, ranging from political representatives of different parties over religious representatives, minorities, foreign experts, to policemen and business leaders. Every year, our city arranges such a nice event between the Mid-Autumn Holiday and the National Day (last year, it was the Hefei Mid-Autumn Tea Party for People from All Walks of Life) and I am always looking forward to it.

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