On June 10, 2022, Hefei University [合肥学院] and the Deutsches Hochschulkonsortium für Internationale Kooperationen (DHIK) [德国高校国际合作联合会] signed a framework cooperation contract [Kooperationsvereinbarung zwischen der Universität Hefei und dem Deutschen Hochschulkonsortium für Internationale Kooperation (DHIK)] [合肥学院和德国高校国际合作联合会合作协议].

The DHIK is a group of more than 30 universities in Germany and Switzerland with focus on internationalizing study programmes in Mathematics, Computer Science, Natural Sciences, and Technology. In China, the DHIK already cooperates with the Tongji University [同济大学] – and now also with our Hefei University. The main goal of the framework contract is to construct several joint curricula and double-degree programmes, which allow for the bi-directional exchange of students. In these programmes, German professors will teach classes in China and the Chinese students will get the chance to study for two semesters in Germany. Vice versa, German students will be able to study at our Hefei University as well.

Our university took part in the DHIK consortium meeting via a video link. After a solemn welcome speech by our President, Prof. Chunmei WU [吴春梅合肥学院校长] to the members of the DHIK, Prof. Weise gave a brief five minute introduction presenting our university and its long tradition of Chinese-German collaboration. The DHIK members then voted for accepting our Hefei University as new partner university. Then, the signature ceremony took place. Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dieter Leonhard, President of the DHIK, and Prof. Hans Wilhelm Orth, Chair of the China Cooperation of the DHIK, on the German side and Prof. Chunmei WU on our side simultaneously signed the contracts. This highly successful event will allow us to develop several exciting new curricula and open new ways for collaboration in the future.

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Presentation of Hefei University

This is the five-minute presentation I gave in German language at the DHIK Consortium Meeting to introduce our university. Here you can download the PPT (in English).