Today, "First Hefei-VU-Napier zoomposium on FFA, optimization, and other stuff we like" took place online, thanks to the fabulous organization ability of Mr. Daan van den Berg of the VU Amsterdam. We had seven really interesting talks and very nice discussions. First, our students Mr. Xiang CAO [曹翔] and Mr. Jiayang CHEN [陈嘉阳] introduced their initial works on the The Traveling Tournament Problem and the The Quadratic Assignment Problem (QAP), respectively. Then, Lecturer Mrs. Dr. Sarah THOMSON of the Edinburgh Napier University picked up on the QAP and showed her results on FFA on the Quadratic Assignment Problem: First Results and Ideas. After a short break, our student Mr. Rui ZHAO [赵睿] gave a talk on his results on the Two-Dimensional Bin Packing Problem, followed by the analysis of Mr. Jonathan KOUTSTAAL (VU and UvA Universities) on Using Frequency Fitness Assignment in Protein Folding. After yet another short break, our student Mr. Tianyu LIANG [梁天宇] showed his work on Solving the Traveling Salesperson Problem using Frequency Fitness Assignment, which recently got accepted by the Soft Computing Journal. The symposium concluded by Mrs. Iris PIJNING (VU and UvA Universities) and her presentation on FFA for Job Shop Scheduling Problem with More and More Jobs and More and More Machines.


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  • 2024-01-26_zoomposium_11_pijning_iris

Frequency Fitness Assignment

As a small aside: Several of these talks were related to Frequency Fitness Assignment (FFA, see here and here), a technique developed by our team and published here, here, here, and here, for example. It is nice to see that other researchers have become interested in FFA.