Today, on September 29, 2021, I attended the National Day Tea Party for People from All Walks of Life [奋斗百年路 启航新征程 合肥市各界人士迎国庆茶话会] in the city hall of Hefei [合肥市]. It was a very enjoyable event, attended by – indeed – people from all walks of life, ranging from political representatives of different parties over religious representatives, minorities, foreign experts, to policemen and business leaders. Every year, our city arranges such a nice event between the Mid-Autumn Holiday and the National Day (last year, it was the Hefei Mid-Autumn Tea Party for People from All Walks of Life) and I am always looking forward to it.

Today, on 2021-08-11, I had the great pleasure to give a guest lecture on "Comparing Optimization Algorithms" for the course "Evolutionary Computation" of Associate Professor Dr. Markus Wagner at the School of Computer Science of The University of Adelaide, Australia. The lesson was organized as a hybrid event, with both online attendants and students in the lecture room. We discussed several different topics, ranging from different views on performance (time-to-target vs. result-within-budget), different ways of measuring runtime (FEs, clock time), statistics (arithmetic mean vs. median vs. geometric mean, standard deviation vs. quantiles), statistical tests, and runtime behaviors. If you are interested in these topics, you can download my slides as well as a pre-recorded video that was intended as backup if the connection would fail. Fortunately, the connection did not fail and the lecture went smooth and nicely. I want to thank Dr. Wagner for this nice opportunity and also the audience for their patience and positive reception.

On Friday, 2021-06-18, 16:00-17:00, our institute hosted the invited talk "Some convergence results for weighted sums of dependent random variables and applications" by Prof. Dr. Xuejun WANG [王学军] from the School of Mathematical Sciences of Anhui University [安徽大学数学科学学院]. We sincerely thank Prof. WANG for his exciting talk, which led to an interesting discussion. We have learned much from his work and also enjoyed the other two interesting research talks.

On Friday, 2021-06-18, 15:00-16:00, our institute hosted the invited talk "Multiple influential point detection in high dimensional regression spaces" by Prof. Dr. Junlong ZHAO [赵俊龙] from the School of Statistics of Beijing Normal University [北京师范大学统计学院]. We deeply thank Prof. ZHAO, which was both preceded and followed directly by another two interesting talks. His research presentation was very informative – we and the many attending students learned a lot. The discussion following the talk was also very inspiring.

On Friday, 2021-06-18, 14:00-15:00, our institute hosted the invited talk "High-dimensional Statistics and Large-Scale Inference with Graphical Nonlinear Knockoffs" by Prof. Dr. Gaorong LI [李高荣] from the School of Statistics of Beijing Normal University [北京师范大学统计学院]. We warmly thank Prof. LI for introducing his research field and his significant contributions to us. We very much looked forward to his inspiring talk and also particularly enjoyed the discussion that followed. After this presentation, we also hosted another two interesting talks on the same day.

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