I am Dr. Jingneng Ni [倪敬能], member of the Institute of Applied Optimization [应用优化研究所] of the School of Artificial Intelligence and Big Data [人工智能与大数据学院] of Hefei University [合肥大学]. Before joining the institute, I was a specialized course teacher in the Department of Mathematics and Applied Statistics of the same School of Artificial Intelligence and Big Data, Hefei University. I received my Ph.D. in Management Science & Engineering of the Business School [四川大学商学院] of Sichuan University [四川大学], Chengdu [成都市], Sichuan [四川省] in 2016, my Master’s degree in Operations Research from the School of Mathematical Sciences [安徽大学数学科学学院] of Anhui University [安徽大学], Hefei [合肥市], Anhui [安徽省] in 2009, and my Bachelor's degree from the Department of Applied Mathematics [应用数学系] of Sichuan University [四川大学] in 1997. In my research, I apply methods from the fields of bi-level decision making, intelligent algorithms, simulation, complex system optimization and modeling, as well as uncertain information processing to operation research for water resource management, ecosystem engineering, protection, and restoration.