Work Experience

  • Researcher
    • When: since 2019-03 (ongoing)
    • Where: Institute of Applied Optimization [应用优化研究所], School of Artificial Intelligence and Big Data [人工智能与大数据学院] of the Hefei University [合肥大学] in Hefei [合肥], Anhui [安徽], China [中国]
    • What: industry collaboration, research, teaching, and supervising students
  • Internship
    • When: 2012-12 – 2014-07
    • Where: Water Resource Research Institute of Shandong Province [山东省水利科学研究院] in Jinan [济南], Shandong [山东], China [中国]
    • What: hydrological modeling and information management
  • Internship
    • When: 2010-09 – 2011-09
    • Where: Anhui MAPDOC Infotech Co., Ltd. [安徽迈普德康信息科技有限公司] in Hefei [合肥], Anhui [安徽], China [中国]
    • What: mapping and secondary developing of GIS

Education and Training