Here you can find a compilation of my scientific publications and contributions to research projects.

International Journal Articles

  1. Bing Ai, Jiuchuan Jiang, Shoushui Yu, Yichuan Jiang. Multi-Agent Path Finding with heterogeneous edges and roundtrips. Knowledge-Based Systems. 23(2):1-18. 2021.
    Indexing: SCI, 中科院一区, JCR1区 (IF: 8.139)
  2. Bing Ai, Wanyuan Wang, Minghui Hua, Yichuan Jiang, Jiuchuan Jiang, Yifeng Zhou. Enhancing the quality in crowdsourcing e-markets through team formation games. IEEE Intelligent Systems. 36(4):13-23. 2020.
    Indexing: SCI, JCR1区 (IF: 6.744)
  3. Bing Ai, Ming-Gang Dong, Chuan-Xian Jiang. Simple PSO Algorithm with Opposition based Learning Average Elite Strategy. International Journal of Hybrid Information. 9(6):187-196. 2016.
    Indexing: EI
  4. Lyu-yang Tong,Ming-gang Dong, Bing Ai, Chao Jing. A simple butterfly particle swarm optimization algorithm with the fitness-based adaptive inertia weight and the opposition-based learning average elite strategy. Fundamenta Informaticae. 163(2):205-223. 2018.
    Indexing: SCI, 中科院四区, JCR3区 (IF: 1.166)

Chinese Monographs and Journal Articles

  • Ming-gang Dong (Supervisor), Ning Wang (Supervisor), Bing Ai (Student First). Optimization Method based on Differential Evolution and its Application. Posts and Telecom Press, 2019.
    Indexing: monograph (学术专著)
  • Bing Ai, Ming-gang Dong, Chao Jing. Multi-Objective Differential Evolution Algorithm with Multi-Strategy and Ranking-based Mutation. Application Research of Computers. 35(7):1950-1954. 2018.
    Indexing: CSCD