Today, on 2021-08-11, I had the great pleasure to give a guest lecture on "Comparing Optimization Algorithms" for the course "Evolutionary Computation" of Associate Professor Dr. Markus Wagner at the School of Computer Science of The University of Adelaide, Australia. The lesson was organized as a hybrid event, with both online attendants and students in the lecture room. We discussed several different topics, ranging from different views on performance (time-to-target vs. result-within-budget), different ways of measuring runtime (FEs, clock time), statistics (arithmetic mean vs. median vs. geometric mean, standard deviation vs. quantiles), statistical tests, and runtime behaviors. If you are interested in these topics, you can download my slides as well as a pre-recorded video that was intended as backup if the connection would fail. Fortunately, the connection did not fail and the lecture went smooth and nicely. I want to thank Dr. Wagner for this nice opportunity and also the audience for their patience and positive reception.

Pre-Recorded Video

Here you can watch the pre-recorded video of the lecture. I prepared this as backup in case of connectivity issues. Somehow, the actual lecture went over the full length of 110 minutes and I had to even skip some slides near the end, but the video is only about 90 minutes. I guess I am more talkative if there is an audience…


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