On October 23, 2018, I gave my research talk Automating Scientific Research in Optimization at the Distributed Systems Group of Prof. Dr. Kurt Geihs of the Fachbereich 16: Elektrotechnik/Informatik of my old university, the University of Kassel, in Germany.

The Distributed Systems research group of the University of Kassel in Germany addresses in teaching and research a broad spectrum of distributed computing topics. Its subjects range from theoretical foundations to applied system and software engineering issues. Its current research areas are the design and implementation of context-aware and adaptive distributed systems, cooperative autonomous robots, socially aware computing, and service-oriented architectures. A lot of interesting research contributions have resulted from their excellent robotic soccer team. Here, challenges from such diverse fields as vision, behavior modeling, artificial intelligence, dynamic software configuration, multicast communication, reasoning, and even mechanical and electrical engineering have been tackled.

After my short visit last year, it was a great pleasure to meet my PhD supervisor, Prof. Dr. Kurt Geihs, again and give a talk at the group where I did my PhD almost ten years ago. As always here, the atmosphere is really nice and there was an interesting discussion wit the audience after the talk.

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