On October 15, 2018, I gave the research talk Automating Scientific Research in Optimization at the chair of Algorithmic and Discrete Mathematics of Prof. Dr. Christoph Helmberg at the Department of Mathematics of the Chemnitz University of Technology in Chemnitz, Germany.

Prof. Helmberg is mainly interested in research on discrete optimization, semidefinite programming, and convex optimization as well as their applications. He has led several successful industry projects with partners such as Deutsche Bahn, Herlitz PBS, and Nokia Siemens Networks. His team works on a variety of theoretical aspects and improvements of optimization algorithms as well as on concrete applications, including the synergetic interplay of energy and information technology and optimization of schedules in manufacturing systems.

Although the group's focus is more on linear relaxation, they were interested in the talk topic and we had a very lively discussion afterwards. It is always nice to come back to my uni, presenting in the same rooms where I learned as a student 15 years ago. And Prof. Helmberg was a great host, too.

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