Scholarly Profiles

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Here you can find a compilation of my scientific publications.

  • Rongwang Yin, Qingyu Li, Peichao Li, and Detang Lu. Parameter Identification of Multistage Fracturing Horizontal Well Based on PSO-RBF Neural Network, Scientific Programming. 2020:6810903, July 2020
    Indexing: EI, SCIE

  • Rongwang Yin, Qingyu Li, Peichao Li, and Detang Lu. A Novel Method for Matching Reservoir Parameters Based on Particle Swarm Optimization and Support Vector Machine. Mathematical Problems in Engineering 2020:7542792, April 2020
    Indexing: EI, SCIE

  • Rongwang Yin, Rui Zhou, An-Xian Shao, and Jing-Yu Pang. Prediction of oil production based on SVM optimised multi-objective particle swarm optimisation. International Journal of Intelligent Systems Technologies and Applications (IJISTA). 17(4):415–426. October 2018.
    Indexing: EI

  • Rongwang Yin, Qingyu Li, Peichao Li, Yang Guo, Yurong An, and Detang Lu. GPU-Based Computation of Formation Pressure for Multistage Hydraulically Fractured Horizontal Wells in Tight Oil and Gas Reservoirs. Mathematical Problems in Engineering. 2018:2582797. April 2018.
    Indexing: EI, SCIE