Sometimes, I come across the need for creating temporary files in my (Java) programs. For this purpose, I usually use Java's NIO with the Path API instead of the old File API. Here I discuss how a directory for temporary files further be scoped in time with Java's try-with-resources.

Yesterday, I attended the Intertraffic China exhibition in Shanghai. Unfortunately, I only had a relatively short time to spend at the event. Nevertheless, I found the wide variety of companies exhibiting quite impressive. Products were presented from many traffic-related fields such as traffic management, safety, infrastructure, and smart mobility. I personally found the solutions for electronic traffic management most interesting. Similarly to my impression from the Intermodal Asia exhibition earlier this year, I think that there is a very clear trend towards electronic, online, optimized management of logistics and traffic. Maybe this is even more than a trend and already the standard?

Some time ago, I discussed why global optimization with an Evolutionary Algorithm (EA) is not necessarily better than local search. Actually, I get asked the question "Why should I use an EA?" quite a few times. Thus, today, it is time to write down a few ideas about why and why not you may benefit from using an EA. I tried to be objective, which is not entirely easy since I work in that domain.

The Consulate General of Germany in Shanghai supports German companies and researchers from the provinces Anhui, Jiangsu, and Zhejiang by organizing a German Science Circle which meets in Shanghai. These meetings are always very interesting and good opportunities for exchanging thoughts. Yesterday, I attended such a meeting with the focus Nanjing, which is the capital of Jiangsu and one hour by train from Hefei. There were two highly interesting presentations followed by a similarly-interesting discussion. Here I want to summarize what I learned at this meeting and add a few thoughts.

We have two accepted papers at the Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference (GECCO'17), which will take place from July 15 to 19, 2017 in Berlin, Germany:

  • Weichen Liu, Thomas Weise, Yuezhong Wu, and Qi Qi. Combining Two Local Searches with Crossover: An Efficient Hybrid Algorithm for the Traveling Salesman Problem. In Proceedings of the Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference (GECCO'17), July 15-19, 2017, Berlin, Germany, New York, NY, USA: ACM Press, pages 298-305, ISBN: 978-1-4503-4920-8.
    doi:10.1145/3071178.3071201 / paper / slides
  • Qi Qi, Thomas Weise, and Bin Li. Modeling Optimization Algorithm Runtime Behavior and its Applications. In Proceedings of the Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference (GECCO'17) Companion, July 15-19, 2017, Berlin, Germany, New York, NY, USA: ACM Press, pages 115-116, ISBN: 978-1-4503-4939-0.
    doi:10.1145/3067695.3076042 / paper / poster

GECCO is the prime event for research in Evolutionary Computation and organized yearly by SIGEVO, the ACM Special Interest Group on Genetic and Evolutionary Computation. We are looking forward to meeting you at the conference ^_^

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