On July 28, 2017, I gave my research talk Automating Scientific Research in Optimization at the Enterprise Application Development (EAD) group of Prof. Dr. Jörg Lässig at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science of the University of Applied Sciences Zittau/Görlitz (HZG, Hochschule Zittau/Görlitz) in the historical city of Görlitz, Germany, directly next to the border to Poland. Prof. Lässig is an old friend, from the same university, and we have collaborated on numerous joint projects.

The EAD group is interested in all aspects of enterprise application development. Their leading topics are Energy Efficiency, i.e., supporting companies, users, and even energy providers to measure and reduce energy consumption, and Computational Sustainability, i.e., sustainable information technologies and applications beyond Green IT paradigm, as it covers both technologies for more simple, effective, scalable, robust, adaptable and enhanced software solutions as well as improvements towards more sustainable processes, services and products. The group follows several directions in these contexts, such as:

The group collaborates with several companies, such as the European Aeronautic Defence and Space Company, the Bosch Rexroth AG, the CBS Information Technologies AG, the Rapid-I GmbH, Saxonia Systems, ARC Solutions and Deutsche Software & Research. They are a truly unique group which combine strong fundamental and applied research. We have many common interests, for instance on the field of logistics and optimized management, as can be seen from our collaboration history.

Like my visit last year, it was a very, very pleasant experience to visit Jörg's group. The audience was again unusually big, especially for the current vacation time, and the discussions following my talk were both enlightening and interesting.

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