Today, December 2nd, 2020, marks the 40th Anniversary of our Hefei University [合肥学院]. In 1980, our uni was founded under the name Hefei United University [合肥联合大学] was founded by the Secretary of the Hefei Municipal Party Committee Rui ZHENG [合肥市委书记郑锐] and the Vice President of USTC, Mr. Chengzong YANG [中国科大副校长杨承宗]. In 2002, Hefei United University merged with the Hefei Institute of Education [合肥教育学院] and Hefei Normal School [合肥师范学校] to Hefei University [合肥学院] with the approval of the Ministry of Education [育部批]. Since its establishment, our university has implemented the concepts of locality, application-orientation, and internationalization [“地方性、应用型、国际化”]. The Chinese-German collaboration always played a large role in the development of our university, which spearheaded the adaptation of German concepts for application-oriented education such as the dual system of cooperative education [双元制合作教育] to Chinese needs. With the support of both the Chinese and the German government and inspired by the meeting of the German Chancelor Dr. Angela Merkel and the Chinese Premier Keqiang LI [李克强 (国务院总理)] in our university, the Demonstration Base for Sino-German Educational Cooperation [中德教育合作示范基地] was launched here in 2015. Today, our university has more than 17'000 students and 1000 teachers. All of us are thankful for the foundation laid by 40 years of hard work by the teachers, students, administration staff, and service workers of our university. We will try our best to keep improving our Hefei University for a long and successful future. Happy Birthday, Hefei University!